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1. Statistical analysis of educational population enrolment from primary to secondary school in enugu state( a case of abor secondary school from 1991 to 1999)
2. Statistical analysis of student attitude towards the use of handout( a case study Unizik)
3. A Statistical analysis on rate of industrial accident ( a case study of Emenite Limted Enugu state)
4. Time series analysis on the registration of motor vehicles in Nigeria( a case study of Asaba Delta State1993-2002)
5. Statistical analysis of coal production in Nigeria( a case study of Nigeria coal corporation 1990-1999)
6. A statistical quality control in the baker industry ( a case study of highlife bakery Emene Enugu)
7. Statistical study on the impact of micro finance bank on rural area ( a case study of Lapo micro finance bank Enugu)
8. An analysis of infant mortality rate in Abia State ( a case study of federal medical centre umuahia from 1995-2004)
9. Statistical analysis of road accidents ( a case study of Enugu State from 2000-2008)
10. Statistical analysis of reports cases of crime in Enugu state from 1995-2004( a case study of Enugu police Command)
11. A Statistical analysis of reports case of road accident in Anambra State from 1994-2003( a case study of road safety commission Awka)
12. Statistical analysis of students expenditure in tertiary institutions ( a case study of UNN)
13. Statistical analysis of the number of babies admitted in the motherless baby home in Enugu from 1995-2012
14. Statistical appraisal accident rate in Enugu –Onitsha express Road from 2002-2012
15. Analysis of crime in Enugu State from the year 2004-2012( a case study of central police station Enugu State )
16. Time series analysis of monthly sales of petroleum products ( a case study of Nigeria National petroleum corporation ,NNPC-Enugu from 1996-2003)
17. Statistical analysis of reported cases of sexually transmitted disease in Federal Medical centre Umuahia from 2003-2012
18. The effect of secret cults in our tertiary institutions( a case study of IMT ENUGU)
19. A Statistical analysis on the spread and control of aids in Enugu metropolis( a case study of UNTH Enugu)
20. Regression analysis on National income from 1998-2003( a case study of Federal Republic of Nigeria)
21. A Statistical analysis on major cause of death in Hospital from 1995-2012 (a case study of University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital Enugu State)
22. Statistical analysis of the cause and effects of Examination malpractice in the tertiary institution ( a case of IMT ENUGU)
23. A quality analysis of the thickness of part and corrugated asbetes roofing sheets of Emenite Limited Enugu.
24. Statistical analysis of performance of National poverty eradication programme in Nigeria ( a case study of Enugu state from 2000-2009)
25. Application of quality control in Nigeria industries ( a case study of Michelin portharcout )
26. Statistical analysis of incidence of hiv/Aids pandemic in Nigeria form 1996-2005)

























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